• High Fuel Oil and Gas Prices - The North Country Hunker Down

    Heating fuel prices are going to be very painful this upcoming winter. It's going to be important for us normal folks to do whatever is possible to conserve fuel while keeping warm. Here in Maine we have been dealing with severe winter weather for years and years. Lets go over one real fuel savi... View Post
  • Maine Sales Featured in the New York Times!

    We were featured in the New York Times and the Denver Post this fall. It was in a home improvement / weatherization article. They put a link in for our site and commented on our selection of colors and fabric patterns. Our business spiked, we didn't know why. After several days we learned from cu... View Post
  • Just a word to all our customers out there. Please think about what you buy. Maine Sales is an American small business, probably too small to make much of a difference in the world, except to our customers and our employees. Also our contract workers, our suppliers, the American farmers we purcha... View Post