• Winter Forecast - Old Farmer's Almanac

    Always fun to spread the word from our neighbors in New Hampshire. Here is what they are predicting for the coming winter: View Post
  • Wake up, time to winnow the buckwheat!

    Remember the poor donut guy in the old commercial, half asleep, but it was time to make the donuts. I've been think of him lately, because it's winnowing season here. We are waking up to a lot of buckwheat hull winnowing lately. During the busy season, we try to keep between 20 to 25 barrels of o... View Post
  • Dear Canadian Customers

    Updated 10/17/2022 It seems the best way to order our draft stoppers to ship to Canada is by purchasing them on They seem to have most affordable rates. When you go there type "maine sales draft stoppers" into the search window.  Original post: We just wanted to discuss the high ship... View Post