Dear Canadian Customers

Updated 10/17/2022

It seems the best way to order our draft stoppers to ship to Canada is by purchasing them on They seem to have most affordable rates. When you go there type "maine sales draft stoppers" into the search window. 

Original post:

We just wanted to discuss the high shipping cost of sending our draft stoppers from Maine to Canada. Our site is set up to accurately calculate what it costs us to get our products from here to you. Please understand that the shipping cost displayed includes not only the actual carrier cost, but also the Canadian entrance fees, the national taxes, and your provincial taxes. We ship to Canada mostly using the United States Postal Service, which gets transferred to the Canada Post. The entrance fees and other taxes are handled by the carrier.

It's those fees and taxes that add so much to the total cost. If you believe the calculation is incorrect, please email us explaining what you are ordering so we can do the calculations by hand to explore possible ways to save you some money. Sometimes eliminating one item, or adding an item can affect the total cost of shipping and taxes, perhaps a smaller diameter that weighs less might help.

We have a huge market just north of our border, I wish the taxes and fees could be simplified to make commerce easier, but until then we will work to try to make your purchases possible...The Maine Sales Crew.

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