Draft stoppers in action!

Most people use draft stoppers to keep the cold out in the winter. Some use them to keep the heat out in the summer. Over the years we have sold tens of thousands units. Here are uses you may not have thought of (every use is based on actual customers usage)

1. Keeps out rats and mice.

2. Stops sand from entering the house during sandstorms in the desert.

3. Keeps kids toys from going under the furniture.

4. Keeps noise out.

5. Use around the room perimeter for fragrance (balsam).

6. Used in hotels to block light and sound so guests aren't disturbed.

7. Use to block insects from getting in.

8. Use in apartment buildings to keep smoke smell out of the apartment.

9. Used in many places as a decorative addition.

10. Cat & dog owners buy them because they have cats & dogs on them.

11. Blocks off spare rooms.

14. Used across the top of bed for fragrance (balsam).