High Fuel Oil and Gas Prices - The North Country Hunker Down

Heating fuel prices are going to be very painful this upcoming winter. It's going to be important for us normal folks to do whatever is possible to conserve fuel while keeping warm. Here in Maine we have been dealing with severe winter weather for years and years. Lets go over one real fuel saving idea that may help this year.

A huge fuel saving measure is shutting off some off your living space, also called the " North Country Hunker Down". You can shut off areas if you have forced hot air heating by closing off or blocking heating registers. Hot water heat can make it harder, unless you have multiple heating zones that you can control separately. Remember if there is liquid in a space you are hoping to close off, some heat needs to be provided to prevent freezing.

People have been hunkering down during cold weather throughout human history, this isn't a new idea. When central heating became a thing, it allowed people to keep all their homes warm. If it's too costly, a look back at how winter was managed in the past is appropriate.

Some old houses were set up to live large in the summer, then retreat into a smaller easier to heat space in the winter. The house we lived in that inspired our draft stopper business was a large Federal style home that was expansive. By adjusting the used rooms down in the winter, the actual used space was much smaller. One example was we stopped heating our office area and did paperwork at the kitchen table instead, where there was a Franklin wood stove. Think about the possibilities where you live before it gets too cold. 

Now lets think about the same thing, but on a smaller scale. Is it possible to close off any bedrooms during the cold weather? If so you can save a bunch of money that way. Perhaps double up the kids? Got a sleeper sofa, a futon? Just tossing out ideas. Of course if you do shut off rooms, you can seal them with one of our draft stoppers!

Perhaps you have a room in your house where you spend the majority of your day. Keeping the thermostat for your central heating turned down, use doors, curtains, or blankets to seal off this room. Use a small portable electric heater to warm this one room. Get ready for the rest off the house to be cool, we call it refreshing. Always safety first when using any area heater. See safety information provided by ESFI here:


What about a heating pad while relaxing in the evening in you favorite chair with a blanket on top. As the winter goes on add seed catalogs to remind yourself warmer weather will come back. I'll add more practical ideas as they come along. Please send what works for you so others can benefit. Stay warm, keep smiling!

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