Just a word to all our customers out there. Please think about what you buy. Maine Sales is an American small business, probably too small to make much of a difference in the world, except to our customers and our employees. Also our contract workers, our suppliers, the American farmers we purchase from, probably the local businesses where we spend what we earn. But I just have to say, we have offshore competition now that steals our product ideas, uses our marketing information, and ships their inferior products into the USA at extremely cut rate postage (US pays the difference), while we pay much higher rates to ship a package across the street. These sellers, because they are cheaper, have crowded American companies out of searches on major sites like Amazon and eBay. Fact is, if you search for a draft stopper on one of these sites you will see cheap imports, page after page, hiding any quality products from view. Now many imports are using the American flag in their photos to fool people into thinking they are American products. An American company can't sell you anything for under $2.00 and ship it to you for free. I list on Amazon and eBay, put everything is buried by the same cheap stuff. Please just be aware that if you buy this stuff, you won't be happy, and the few companies that are left that make real products won't be around too much longer.

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