• Maine Sales Lavender Pillow Set-Hot Peppers (8 pillows each 3.5") Natural Scent

Maine Sales Lavender Pillow Set-Hot Peppers (8 pillows each 3.5") Natural Scent

$ 22.95

  • MULTI-USE AIR NATURAL FRESHENER and CAR NATURAL DEODORIZER: Whether you want to create a subtle lavender scent in your home or prevent old moth ball smell in your drawers, smelly shoes in your gym bag or wet dog smell in your garage, our fresh dried lavender pillows spread a lovely, subtle scent that eliminates all nasty smells, making the air fresh and healthy.
  • ATTRACTIVE PILLOWS: Sewn by real people in Maine USA. They are good enough to display, not like the little bags others sell.
  • LAVENDER IS THE NUMBER ONE NATURAL REMEDY FOR GETTING RID OF MOTHS: Lavender smells great to us, but it’s highly repellent to moths and other insects. Lavender scented sachets in your closet or drawer drive out moths and prevent them from entering your closet. Your closet and clothes smell lovely and are moth-free.
  • RECHARGE AND REUSE: WORKS FOR MONTHS: Our natural deodorizer that freshens the air, works 24/7 without power cords or batteries. You can easily ‘recharge’ the bag by gently squeezing the lavender buds.
  • NO MORE HARMFUL ARTIFICIAL FRESHENERS: Are you concerned about the negative health impact of chemical fresheners and odor absorbers? Use this organic lavender freshener that creates a fresh and healthy air without spreading chemical sprays and smells that irritate your lungs. You deserve it!
  • THE KEY TO A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP: Studies indicate that keeping lavender in your bedroom helps you to achieve a better quality of sleep.