Pillows - Lavender for fresh air and moth protection

  •      100% High quality pure natural lavender flowers, no add any chemicals during the drying process, safe for both people and pets.
  • Lavender scent could protect your clothing closet against harmful moths, roaches, mites, ants and other insects. The lavender flowers will help absorb moisture to prevent shoes, clothing and linens mildew.
  •    The lavender dried flowers have the effect of removing bad odor and freshening the air. Its charming and pleasant fragrance could help you relieve from stress, sooth nerve and promote your sleeping. Perfect to use in drawers, wardrobes, shoe cabinet, pillows, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, suitcases or cars.
  • When the fragrance starts to fade, just gently squeeze the sachet or Take the lavender sachets sun to dry for 1 hour, keep the sachet dry to release more fragrance.

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