• Just a word to all our customers out there. Please think about what you buy. Maine Sales is an American small business, probably too small to make much of a difference in the world, except to our customers and our employees. Also our contract workers, our suppliers, the American farmers we purcha... View Post
  • Are Dual/Attachable draft stoppers any good?

    Short answer is no. That's why we don't make them. Most are made cheaply in China or Hong Kong and either don't stay on the door, or if they do they don't seal properly.  We have been making draft stoppers for 16 years and we don't make two sided ones. We sell traditional one sided draft stoppers... View Post
  • October 2016, Maine Sales steps it up for draft stopper season

    This year Maine Sales has updated our listings to include two standard lengths. 32" is for a 30" door, 38" is for a 36" door. We always recommend the length of your draft stopper be a little too long, so that it compresses into the space and seals completely. Customers can always email custom req... View Post